Copper has been adding a beautiful architectural element to buildings throughout the word for centuries. Classic Residential Coppers roof vents are durable, functional, and beautiful making them extremely desirable for home or business.

Classic Residential Coppers roof vents are not only a beautiful addition to any home; they are also functional, providing ventilation to the attic. All of our copper roof vents are soldered or riveted for durability and specifically designed to keep out the elements.

Classic Residential Copper specializes in handcrafted copper roof vents, cupolas, finials, gable vents, and chimney caps. Each item is meticulously designed and fabricated in our shop. Our craftsmen have over thirty years of sheet metal design, fabrication, and instillation experience. Classic Residential Copper is dedicated to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

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Copper Roof Vents Arch Top

Copper Roof Vents Half Round

Copper Roof Vents Rectangular Flat Top

Copper Roof Vents Rectangular with 4/12 Shed Roof

Copper Roof Vents Tombstone

Displaying 1 through 5 of 5 products.