All Copper Products Are Fabricated From Number One 16 Ounce Copper

Classic Residential Copper

Classic Residential Copper's copper cupolas, copper chimney caps and copper roof vents are not only a beautiful addition to any home, they are also functional, providing ventilation to the attic. All products are soldered or riveted for durability and specifically designed to keep out the elements. From gable vents to copper finials, Classic Residential Copper is sure to have an item to fit your needs.

Copper has been used throughout the world for centuries. Copper's combination of durability and beauty have made it extremely desirable for residential homes. Although beautiful when shiny and new, copper's true beauty comes with age. In a short time it will turn russet and eventually a natural patina will appear. Our Copper Cupolas, Copper Roof Vents, Gable Vents, Copper Finials, and Copper Chimney Caps are not only functional and durable, but also add charm and character to any home.

Classic Residential Copper specializes in handcrafted copper products such as a Copper Cupola, Copper Roof Vent, Gable Vent, Copper Finial, and a Copper Chimney Cap. Each item is meticulously designed and fabricated in our shop. With over 30 years sheet metal design, fabrication and installation, Classic Residential Copper is dedicated to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.